From the father to the son, preaching the core of organ donation and prove to the world with action

秦赫聪,一名来自广西的高中学生,利用课余时间,自发组织了班上几位同学奔走各处搜集材料,制作宣传视频,目的是要用自己的行动,向世界发声:“我们要唤醒更多的民众支持器官捐献!” 。 然而,赫聪背后动力的来源,是因为他的父亲,秦科老师,一位坚持奋斗在中国器官捐献事业最前线的医务工作者。 赫聪和他班上的几位器官捐献小组成员 从父到子,传道大爱。 在赫聪眼中,“器官捐献是一件了不起的事情,爸爸醉心他的工作和病人”。 秦科老师见证并全身参与了中国器官捐献与移植事业的十年改革,他对事业的热衷,不仅感染了周围工作的同事,也感染了身边的家人,自己的下一代。 传道魔法师:秦科老师在各地宣讲推动“器官捐献”(解放军303医院) 赫聪受父亲影响,常利用课余时间,请求父亲带着他和伙伴参加各类与器官捐献相关的学术活动。还到父亲工作的地方,亲身感受“捐献”这份不平凡的经历。 赫聪和队友开展课题研究,参与各类学术活动 身体力行,向世界发声 为了让世界听到“中国”的声音,赫聪和他的伙伴决定参加一项名为“中国大智汇 China Thinks Big ” 的比赛。而他们的参赛作品,就是围绕“公民器官无偿捐献意识薄弱与增强可行性探究”课题成果制作的宣传视频。 赫聪在参赛作品中访问父亲对“捐献工作”的感悟 岁月不居 , 时节如流; 弦歌不辍, 薪火相传 许要经历几代人的努力, 才能改变一代人的观念。 然而时代的变迁, 也未能抹去“薪火相传”留下的足迹。 器官捐献大爱本质依然。 “梦想一旦被付诸行动,就会变得神圣” 生活中,一定还有千千万万像秦科父子“薪火相传”的故事。 祝愿秦科老师和赫聪能实现自己的中国梦, 用您们的行动,向“世界发声”。

KeTLOD Story: A Dream of a Young African

Mohamed with his classmates in Somali before coming to China for study Mohamed, coming from the northern Somali city of bosaso,is the only foreign student in the current KeTLOD project. This country locates in the easternmost part of the African continent, and somalia has been almost anarchic since the civil war began in late 1990. […]

Seven KeTLOD Chinese Universities successfully launched the First Chinese Postgraduate Course in Organ Donation

The KeTLOD project, which main objective is to fill the gap in academic training for the Chinese healthcare professionals continue its promising development in China. After closing successfully, the first phase of Training the Trainers in where 22 Chinese experts were specialized in teaching organ donation at a university program level; the Chinese universities have […]

Erasmus+: Announcement of the First Selected Group For KeTLOD postgraduate course co-funded by EU Erasmus+

KeTLOD is a co-funded project by the Erasmus+ programme of European Union, aiming at promoting the professionalization in organ donation by creating the first postgraduate course in the Chinese universities. Began with the release of KeTLOD recruitment information this August, followed by the process of registration, participants selection by local universities and the approval section […]

KeTLOD Keeps Preaching Organ Donation this summer

We would like to express our gratitude to those associations inviting the KeTLOD partner universities for different talks in the topic of Higher Education on organ donation as well as the introduction to the KeTLOD project. The educational mode of KeTLOD was built upon the concept of “Synergy between Medical and Educational Institutions” and the […]

Students of Capital Medical University affiliated Primary School on the green field to promote organ donation voluntarily

Since the Capital Medical University and the Affiliated Beijing You’an Hospital joined the Knowledge Transfer and Leadership in Organ Donation from Europe to China(KeTLOD), medical staffs of You’an Hospital have conducted many organ donation promotion campaign. Recently joining them voluntarily, are the teachers and students of Capital Medical University’s affiliated elementary school near the hospital. […]

We Came Here with Dream:KeTLOD completed Training the Trainers

Here Are the Words We Want to Share From 22nd of May till 25th of May was held in Barcelona the face to face course of the training for trainers of KeTLOD project. During this week, 20 healthcare professionals representing the Chinese partners universities of KeTLOD consortium were engaged in active learning on how to […]

Remark from Chinese Consul

Address by Tang Lingyun Chinese Deputy General Consul to Barcelona at the KeTLOD Project Midterm Meeting “Representatives from Chinese and European universities and agencies: Good morning! I’m delighted to attend the Midterm Meeting of KeTLOD project. First of all, I would like to extend, on behalf of Chinese general consulate in Barcelona, congratulations upon the […]

EU-CHINA KeTLOD project was launched

In the last few months DTI Foundation as a partner representative of the ¨Knowledge Transfer in Organ Donation and Leadership from Europe to China¨- EU-CHINA KeTLOD project, co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union, participated in two different meetings related to Capacity building projects in the field of higher education. Both events were […]